Dr Ross Williams       


Welcome to my personal website. I am an entrepreneur based in Adelaide, Australia.

Currently (April 2010), I am Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Carbon Planet, a company that enables organisations and individuals to manage their contribution to climate change. Carbon Planet creates carbon credits by preserving rainforests, conducts carbon emission audits of organisations, and distributes primary school educational materials on global warming. Carbon Planet can offset your personal carbon footprint too.

Before Carbon Planet, I played a pioneering role in the area of Data Deduplication by founding Rocksoft, creating the Blocklets data deduplication technology, and building a team of elite software engineers to develop it into a high-performance single-instance storage system. Rocksoft was sold to ADIC (now Quantum) in 2006.

Over the years, I have created several websites on a variety of topics, and these can be found on the cobwebs page.

To contact me, visit the contact page.

Photo taken March 2008.