Over the years, I have created many websites. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for creating them has not been matched by my enthusiasm for updating them, so most of the sites are now cobwebs. They still contain lots of interesting information though.

Brainspace — A homage to the amazing Tim and Debbie. This web was created in 1996, yet contains audio and video!

CRC Pitstop — In 1993, I wrote a paper providing an introduction to CRC error-detection algorithms. It was an instant success, and so I created this website for it. The website contains the paper, but is otherwise fairly dilapidated.

Dr Ross’s Compression Crypt — This website documents my adventures in data compression and provides source code for the LZRW1 to LZRW5 high-speed data compression algorithms.

FunnelWeb — This website presents FunnelWeb, my literate-programming tool in which I have done most of my programming and website design since the late 1980s. FunnelWeb has a tiny, but dedicated, user base. You’ll either love it or hate it. Most programmers hate it, but the ones who love it really love it.

The Stevedores (Opera) — A libretto sketch for a whimsical potential opera based on the 1998 Australian Waterfront Dispute. I can’t remember what made me write this. :-)

Tao Of Backup — I created this website to emphasise the importance of backing up data.

Free World Licence — I created a free software licence called the Free World Licence which makes software free on free platforms such as Linux and commercial on commercial platforms such as Windows.