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Brainspace: What's New?

This page contains a list of all the significant changes made to this Brainspace web since it was created in January 1996. Check this page to see what's new whenever you visit this web.

03-Jan-1996: Web was originally created.
05-Jan-1996: Web was placed online for beta testing.
08-Jan-1996: Web was significantly enhanced.
11-Jan-1996: Web was officially placed online.
13-Jan-1996: Changed colour of text and links (blue on black didn't work).
12-Oct-1996: Changed the movies file extensions from .qt to .mov.
12-Oct-1996: Fixed bad links in gallery page.
12-Oct-1996: Updated the reference to Paul Keating on the Out Of Touch.
12-Oct-1996: Made the page counter invisible on the Home Page.
12-Oct-1996: Revised the Amazing Links Page.
12-Oct-1996: Normalized text colours to fit the Netscape colour cube.
12-Oct-1996: Removed link borders from all images.
12-Oct-1996: Revised the Copyright Page.
12-Oct-1996: Rearranged index page icons on the Home Page to a 2 x 4 array.
12-Oct-1996: Polished the The Best Of Tim And Debbie Page.
12-Oct-1996: Added navigation up arrows to many pages.
12-Oct-1996: Added quotes to the Feedback Page.
13-Oct-1996: Revised the References Page.
13-Oct-1996: Made some minor corrections to the quote transcripts.
13-Oct-1996: Added the Look And Listen Article.
13-Oct-1996: Added Tim and Debbie's appearance on JJJ to the References Page.
16-Apr-1998: Deleted out-of-date JJJ link.
16-Apr-1998: Added note on Bakalinikov in References Page.
08-May-1998: Corrected Jellum-Jellum note on Bali Page.
01-Apr-2000: Minor trivial improvements made in moving to a different webserver.
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